At a recent social gathering, I was admiring another guest's copper-colored dressy t-shirt. When I inquired about where I might purchase one of the same, she told me it was from Anthropologie - and it was this season. Excited to order online, I found the shirt, but I became less excited when I saw the $48 price tag. Pre-part-time, I would have hit the "add to basket" link it a heart-beat, but $50 for a t-shirt doesn't fit in the new lifestyle budget.

I was bummed because I liked the style and color a lot, and my summer wardrobe hasn't had any new additions this season, so things were feeling a bit stale.

Hoping to find some new summer pieces inside the budget, I ventured to New York & Company. Much to my surprise and delight, I found a similar color and style, but I liked the fit and color better. Even more to my delight was the sale price tag - $17.46! If you are interested in getting one yourself, they run a bit big, so I got a size smaller than I usually wear.

So now I am the proud owner of the new copper t-shirt I wanted, which fits me perfectly and carries zero buyers remorse. Quite the opposite actually - I think I have a bargain-hunter's high.